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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to comfort in the built environment. They’re also one of the most energy-demanding components. The choices you make in the design and installation phases will have long-term repercussions for your overhead costs, your productivity, and your occupant’s satisfaction.

IES provides commercial heating and cooling system design, installation, and retrofitting for properties of every size. We work with clients across the country, offering detailed consultations and longstanding industry expertise. We can match you with the right system for your property.

HVAC System Components

Industrial HVAC systems range in complexity depending on the size of the property and its unique heating and cooling needs. System components will include a heater—either a boiler or a furnace—and an air conditioner, as well as ventilation infrastructure, thermostats and system controls, insulation, dehumidifiers, heat pumps, and other equipment.

Getting all these components to work together efficiently takes planning and engineering expertise. Additionally, HVAC technology changes constantly. Knowing when to upgrade, and how to do so with a minimal amount of interruption to your business, requires in-depth industry knowledge and ongoing research.

IES provides customers with comprehensive industrial refrigeration expertise. From the service and maintenance of complex systems; to the design, engineering and installation of the most comprehensive refrigeration plants, IES provides the highest quality work and project management. We have the ability to provide unique refrigeration systems for barrel room, tank cooling and process systems at wineries and other food and beverage and industrial facilities. Our capabilities include development, installation and service of high-quality ammonia based refrigerant systems to business, industry and agriculture.

IES provides Industrial Refrigeration Service for:

  • Wine tanks (cooling & heating)
  • Must Coolers
  • Barrel Storage (cooling & heating)
  • Case Storage Cooling
  • Cave Cooling & Heating Systems
  • Crop Holding Rooms
  • Private Wine Cellars
  • Humidification Systems

IES engineers, design, install and maintain piping systems of every size and complexity. Our project experience includes commercial and industrial applications in office buildings, biotech laboratories, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and agricultural buildings. Our piping craftsmen pride themselves on innovation with a focus on engineering. Our design, prefabrication, installation, upgrades and maintenance of piping systems is always completed using the most appropriate applications and materials for the project, providing assurance of quality and cost effectiveness.

IES offers piping to these specialty trades:

  • Hot/Chilled Piping
  • Industrial Piping
  • Exhaust and Ventilation Piping
  • Refrigeration Piping
  • Glycol Piping
  • Process Piping

IES positions its Service and Maintenance Programs capability as the cornerstone in its integrated business delivery platform. Our Service and Maintenance teams ensure that our customer’s facilities are well maintained and mechanical systems operate at performance efficiency. Maintenance services create maximum economic efficiency for every building, and maximum comfort to every occupant. Our highly skilled service teams provide planned maintenance programs, system upgrades, emergency service, and repair work for any mechanical and related building systems problems. We are committed to protecting your mechanical systems.

IES Service and Maintenance Contracts Advantages:

  • Extend equipment life
  • Save energy costs
  • Reduce expensive repairs
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase profits
  • Emergency service 24/7 by highly skilled technicians

Jason Saunders, General Manager